Asymmetrical dresses

Asymmetry in clothes is a composite technique in which various details, seams, and trim are arranged asymmetrically to each other. The lack of symmetry can be emphasized by a combination of different textures and colors. It is possible to create asymmetry with the help of unevenly distributed folds and frills, a wrap-over on one shoulder, double-breasted fastener.
Asymmetry in clothes is good not only because it looks original and trendy, but also because it is suitable for any type of figure, favorably emphasizing your body.

An asymmetric top is one of the best ways to lengthen a short neck. It will seem longer if you wear a dress with one open shoulder.
Asymmetric skirt with folds and frills will make your hips visually wider. Against the backdrop of a complex cut of the asymmetrical skirt, the broad shoulders will look narrower.

It is also possible to hide some extra pounds on the abdomen with an asymmetric blouse. Such blouses will lengthen your silhouette and make the figure visually slender.

Asymmetrical dresses


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