Autumn casual dresses

Dresses from a monophonic fabric of a complex cut do not cease to be popular. Folds, frills, multi-tiered skirts are stylish “signs of the fashionable clothes”.
Knitwear, velvet, cotton, wool, chiffon, and satin are always in fashion, and especially this fall!
Looking at the new collections, you can draw an unambiguous conclusion: for many designers, the style of minimalism and retro served as a source of inspiration.
Some fashion lines include business and sports dresses, which looked very feminine. A dress-cloak has become a novelty.
Some couturiers offered the ladies an original chemise dress with one shoulder.
Perhaps a tunic has become the most predictable solution as a casual autumn dress.
Dresses of a simple cut from a fabric with complex patterns look perfectly.
Models, sewn from different fabrics of different colors, are still at the peak of popularity!
Fashionable details of the season – are finishing using fringed, feathers, embroidery, applique, fur. Such details look feminine and cute.
As for trendy colors, they can include red, lilac, blue, gold, silver, coral, and peony.

Autumn casual dresses


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