Autumn women cloaks

When a cold season comes, a warm cloak occupies an important place in the wardrobe. Practicality is the main feature of 2018 autumn trend. Women’s cloaks have a cut and do not cause discomfort.
Today, fashionable cloaks are made of synthetic and natural fabrics. Fibers with a polymer coating are especially used. The cloaks that are made of knitted fabrics are the best because they are more waterproof. Ponchos, waxed jackets, mackintosh, trenches, and anoraks are 2018 mod among the cloaks. Cotton and polyester fabrics are dominant for their production.

If you want to look stylish, do not forget about such autumn accessories as the gloves. They perfectly fit the cloaks and make up the whole image. One more popular outfit is a massive and slightly elongated cloak as if from the guy’s shoulder is excellently combined either with tattered jeans or with heeled shoes.Autumn women cloaks


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