Boho style

Boho style attracts the attention of many fashionistas all over the world. No woman in bright multilayered outfits will be unnoticed in the crowd. In general, the Boho style is a combination of a variety of colors, fabrics, and styles.
Nowadays, the boho style gets more and more new fans. This is an excellent alternative to the glamorous style that we see on TV screens and the pages of fashion magazines. Boho style gives freedom from stereotypes, allowing to ignore any fashionable standards and rules.
Boho clothes are mostly of bright colors. Within this style, it is possible to combine all colors of the rainbow with each other. On the contrary, the more colors, the better your outfit looks.
Also, fabrics with different patterns and prints and very popular. Floral and ethnic patterns are preferable.
Boho outfit is almost always a multi-layered combination of clothes. The dress can be supplemented not only with a knitted cardigan, but also a fur cape and a tight waistcoat. This layering is very often achieved by combining lace, satin and other semi-transparent fabrics. Boho style


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