Originally, bolero has been outerwear; it was a short and tight, sleeveless shirt without fasteners that was a part of the Spanish national costume. Nowadays, it is simply a shortened jacket.

Modern models are quite diverse, what bolero is right for you? A lush model with ruffles, which will emphasize the slender waist and visually enlarge the chest will be ideal for the slender girls. Bright decor in the chest area will create the illusion of seductive silhouette.
Elongated models with sleeves hide the fullness of the hands and abdomen. The decorative elements at the top make the figure proportional.
Crocheted, delicate bolero of dark colors will be the best option for square-built ladies.

Bolero is a multipurpose apparel. It is suitable either for casual wearing or evening events. This clothing item in combination with an evening dress will emphasize your grace and sophistication. The evening outfit is ideally complemented by lace, satin or fur bolero.



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