In 2018, the bomber is the most fashionable model of jackets. This version of the jackets is able to decorate any outfit. They look stylish with any clothing item. Initially, the bombers were monochromic, but later they were diversified with prints, patches, appliqués, colorful details, decor, rhinestones, fur, shiny or lace inserts. The bomber turned into a universal kind of clothing from the sports style. These jackets are divided into winter, spring and summer models. Winter bombers warmed with a hollow fiber or fur lining, summer variants can be sewn from satin, denim, cotton and even flax and furs. The bombers with patterns, patches, appliqués, fringes, inserts from other fabrics, rhinestones, decorated with patchwork are most trendy this year.

A real mod of this season is transparent bombers of tulle, lace, and other transparent fabrics. A transparent bomber can be worn with any clothes, for example, a pencil skirt or jeans, a crop top or a T-shirt. You can make up the image with socks and sneakers (coarse boots, boots on lacing) and a choker.



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