A broad-brim is not only a comfortable element of women’s wardrobe, which is designed to protect your head from cold but also a stylish accessory. Such a hat underlines women’s grace, elegance, and femininity. No man will pass by indifferent.

Such an elegant accessory, like a broad-brim, should be chosen very properly. Here, it is necessary to take into account both the form of the face, growth, and figure. First of all, broad-brims perfectly suit tall women. All the rest just have to pay a little more attention to the choice of such hats.
Modern fashion allows you to combine the hat with different clothing items of the wardrobe, however, there are small “prohibitions”. Stylists categorically forbid wearing the broad-brim with sports apparel. The combination of the broad-brim with all sorts of down jackets and jackets would look ridiculous. It is not recommended to mix different styles into one outfit if there is a hat in your image.



  1. Colors: Orange, Black, Red, Pink, Army Green, Grass Green, Kahki, Deep Kahki, Rose, Deep Grey, Light Grey,Navy Blue,Azure,Purple

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