Clothes with a swing-like collar

It is easy to make an ordinary outfit rather festive and charming adding to it such an element as a swing-like collar. An interesting drapery in the neck area forms beautiful flowing folds that really resemble streams of water or a swing. As any draperies increase the volume, a dress or blouse with such a type of the collar will suit ladies with a small bust wishing to visually make it bigger.

The dresses with such collars look very elegant as the swing-like collars remind the Greek gods. The outfits with such details are elegant and graceful. For everyday life, it is worth choosing a model with a shallow neckline. For evening or solemn events, the neckline can be deeper. Blouses with such collars are suitable either for work and casual wearing or special events.

Such collar is an element of the decor itself so there is no need to add many accessories. A bag or a clutch (depending on the occasion) and a bracelet will be enough.

Clothes with a swing-like collar


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