Dress of Empire style

The dresses of Empire style can be recognized by their exceptional airiness and simplicity that looks very harmonious and natural at the same time and demonstrates the silhouette of girls and women. This effect is obtained due to the very cut of the apparel.

The overstated waistline of this dress clearly outlines the bodice that is often decorated with embroidery, beads or ribbons by fashion designers. It is draped straight under the bodice, due to what it smoothly turns into soft and delicate folds of a light fabric, emphasizing the women’s body.

The Empire dresses have quite low decollete. In modern tailoring, the neckline of the following types is frequently used: circle, oval, heart. Very rarely there are dresses of this style with a closed neckline. In this case, usually translucent lace is used.

Undoubtedly, this type of the dress is ideal for cocktail parties, going on dates. It is extremely beloved by the brides, who want to look as feminine and tender as possible at their wedding ceremony.

Dress of Empire style


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