Dresses with Basque

The basque is a wide strip of fabric sewn to the waistline. In other words, it is a flounce on the belt or a small skirt. The basque can be of different length, shape, the number of flounces and its pomp. The basque makes the silhouette significantly slimmer as well as add a piquant accent to the hips.

The basque is so popular due to the fact that it is suitable for girls with any type of figure. A variety of styles will help to present the figure in a favorable light, underline body’s advantages and hide flaws. Slender girls will further emphasize their forms, what will make the silhouette seductive. But the girls who have imperfections of the body can hide them with the help of the basque. The main thing is to choose the style, length, and size correctly.

To those who have a problem area at the top, the Basque will allow balancing the silhouette and making the figure more harmonious. While tall girls can choose any type and length of the basque, for the girls of low growth it is advisable to pay attention to a narrow basque.

Dresses with Basque


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