Dresses with batwing sleeves

Dresses with batwing sleeves are comfortable to wear. A loose cut does not hinder movements. The line of the sleeve takes different shapes depending on the style and purpose of the clothes. For example, for a festive dress, the sleeves look like a triangle. If you lower your hand down, numerous gathers are formed in the armhole. For casual dresses, the shape of the sleeve is rectangular or straight ones.

Putting on such a dress for casual wearing, you’ll look stylish and beautiful. An evening maxi dress with batwing sleeves looks gorgeous at the festive event. This silhouette attracts everyone’s attention with feminine lines and an elegant look.

The only weakness of such dresses is their ability to lower growth. Thus, small ladies should put on such an apparel only with high heels. Generally, high heels are the most suitable shoes for such dresses, although tall long-legged women can change them to sandals, ankle boots or low-heeled shoes.

Speaking of accessories, depending on the occasion, it is possible to choose a necklace, bracelet, earrings.

Dresses with batwing sleeves


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