Dresses with flounces

Wavy details on clothes – are a symbol of femininity, grace, and romance. Softly draping details adorn the outfit and emphasize its sophistication. Dresses with flounces of different shapes and length help to adjust the figure, skilfully hiding minor flaws and showing dignity.
Stylists recommend balancing the attire decorated with lush details with clothing items of a simple straight cut. For example, a dress with flounces on a skirt can be supplemented with a straight light jacket. A strapless model with flounces on the bottom can be beautifully decorated with a delicate openwork shawl or a light bolero jacket.
Shoes for dresses with flounces should be simple and concise. Classic low-heeled shoes, low wedged boots or ankle boots will be perfect.

The dress with flounces does not require numerous and ornate accessories. A string of pearls, a light bracelet or simple earrings will be enough to make your outfit stylish. A handbag should also be simple.

Dresses with flounces


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