Dresses with geometric pattern

Geometric pattern has remained its popularity for several seasons. And the thing is that it is diverse and used either as a concise decoration or to create intricate original prints.
The chequers and stripes, as well as the peas, are the most popular but due to the rhombuses, hearts, ‘fir-trees’ made of the angles and lines the most outrageous patterns are created.

Geometric print does not only decorate clothes, but also affects the silhouette. Print is able to correct your figure: visually change the curves or hide some flaws. The vertical lines are able to visually make your silhouette slimmer while horizontal lines make the image shorter and plump. Therefore, it is preferable to choose clothes of a simple, straight cut, for dresses and skirts.

Geometric abstract patterns are usually bright and vivid. Such clothes help to hide the problem areas of the figure. As this element of the clothes is leading, the remaining elements of outfit should be neutral (shoes, accessories).

Dresses with geometric pattern


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