Dresses with leather inserts

A little leather dress is a classic clothing item that can be found “in the arsenal” of almost every fashionista. But the traditional black dress that perfectly fits your silhouette will look much more interesting if you add leather inserts to it.
Such inserts can be placed on the sides, but the dress will look even more fabulous if these leather inserts will be in the front side of the dress. In any case, such outfits with leather inserts, as a rule, are characterized by a laconic cut: short narrow sleeves, the length to the knees, the lack of additional decor.
Although a black dress is considered to be a classic, colorful knitted dress with leather inserts is an excellent choice for any girl. Thus, the basic fabric can be of any color (red, beige, blue, green, etc.), but the leather inserts are usually black since this color of the inserts perfectly matches any color of the dress.

Narrow leather inserts placed vertically visually lengthen the silhouette, so this style can be used by the girls of short stature.

Knitted dresses with leather inserts are a multipurpose apparel. On its basis, you can create a lot of interesting outfits, from business and formal to feminine and romantic.

Dresses with leather inserts


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