Dresses with open back

It is unlikely you will find at least one man who remains indifferent passing by the lady in an elegant outfit, where the main element is an open back. Open back creates a mysterious, romantic, and also a sexual image. As a rule, an open back is suitable for cocktail and evening dresses, although now it is quite possible to meet and everyday outfits of such style. The depth of the cutout reaches the level of the shoulder blades, up to the waistline or below. And the cut itself can be different – oval (considered classics), triangular, rectangular, asymmetrical and so on. As a rule, the front of the dresses is decorated minimally, have a modest cut, as the main emphasis is on the back area. To achieve a greater effect, the cutout of the back is often decorated with stones, pawns, rhinestones and other elements. Shoes are only high heels!

Dresses with open back


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