Dresses with open shoulders

Choosing a dress with open shoulders, you have to take into account the peculiarities of your figure. For example, such dresses do not fit girls with broad shoulders because visually such style will increase this part of the body even more.
The dress with flounces below the shoulder line is one of the most modern models. These dresses are characterized by its sophistication, some playfulness, and absolute femininity.

There are different types of such dresses. Depending on the accessories, the dress can look differently. The dresses with open shoulders are a perfect option either for a sunny summer day, a date or an evening walk. To look great in the evening, put on the denim jacket, make a ponytail, and be the star.

Long, loose hair looks great if you wear the dresses with open shoulders.
Sneakers or wedge-heeled shoes are the most popular for such style.

Dresses with open shoulders


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