Full circle skirts

Fashionistas of all types of appearance rejoice because finally, a skirt is announced a mod of the season. At the same time, fashion designers chose a universal type of skirts, which is able to transform and make more feminine any type of figure. So, the full circle skirts rest on the laurels of popularity today.
The secret of success is hidden in the simplicity of its cut and unprecedented femininity. The skirt of this style refers to the sub-type of flared skirts and can be of any length from maxi to mini.
Another feature of these skirts is the soft fabric folds. They can be made from a dense fabric and represent a clear line, or can naturally flow along the body.
The full circle skirt was inspired by the beauty of the female “hourglass” silhouette. Since this type is most often found among overweighted women, this skirt style is an ideal solution for them.
Girls with a triangle or an apple silhouette, on the other hand, can choose flared from the waistline styles, thereby emphasizing the femininity of the silhouette.
Slim girls can choose models with a printed pattern, horizontal stripes, and other bright large prints.

Full circle skirts


  1. Como regla general, los hombres que se quedan sin aliento o tienen dolor en el pecho al hacer ejercicio ligero, como subir dos tramos de escaleras, no deberían usar esta medicina.

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