Godet skirts

Despite the fact that the Godet skirts are usually considered to be the retro style, it is able to perfectly demonstrate women’s elegance and create stylish outfits. The Godet skirts will always be a fashion accessory for every woman at all times. Such skirts are characterized by a tight-fitting upper part and the widening of the skirt’s bottom in the form of wedges or folds. A properly chosen elongated Godet skirts are able to demonstrate your figure and lengthen the silhouette.

Due to a great variety of available styles, lengths, and models, everyone will find an excellent option. There are midi and maxi skirts either with various patterns or monochromic. You can find asymmetrical or spiral Godet skirts.
Such skirts are well combined with different clothing items depending on the occasions and your figure. Turtlenecks, sweaters, blouses create stylish outfits with this skirt. If you choose the Godet skirt for an evening or solemn event, prefer maxi models. High heels or boots are perfect shoes. The accessories are chosen according to the top of your outfit.

Godet skirts


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