Hessian boots

Nowadays, there is a huge choice of various Hessian boots: models of standard length and elongated, with lacing or zippers, etc. Such boots can be made of leather, suede, velvet. Among such diversity, it is easy to lose your head. Therefore, to choose the most appropriate one, consider your wardrobe items and individual physic peculiarities.

For slender tall girls, it is advisable to choose models without a heel. As for length and fabric, there are no restrictions. If you want to emphasize your thin long legs, choose stretch boots. Hessian boots of standard length or slightly above the knee on the heel or platform will be perfect for small girls. Because of the ability to visually shorten growth, it is not recommended to wear such boots to full low girls.

Hessian boots are worn in a combination with skirts or jeans, oversized sweaters, dresses. Here are some fashionable outfits with such shoes.

Hessian boots


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