Low neck dresses

A spectacular neckline on the dress can either emphasize the beauty of the figure or make the image vulgar and cheap.
It should be understood that a dress with a low neckline can be both a standard of style and a sign of bad taste. It is important to know how to choose dresses, and for what occasions and events they can be suitable.
The most correct variant is evening dresses with a décolleté; a low neckline is rarely appropriate for everyday dresses. It is not recommended to wear the outfits with an open neckline for work or study.

A low neckline – is the decoration of the dress itself, so do not choose motley fabrics for these outfits, use too intrusive decor; do not combine a low neckline with an ultra-mini dress. Such an outfit is acceptable only at a youth club party;
If you choose a model with a low neckline on your back, then the rest of the dress should be as modest as possible. You can sew such an outfit with long sleeves;

Low neck dresses


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