Transparent skirts

This year, fashion can be characterized by such adjectives as frankness and impudence. Transparent clothes and franky catchy attire have become increasingly popular. Transparent skirts can be found in new collections of many fashion designers.

There are different cuts and styles, but most often such skirts are of maxi or midi length. They are decorated by cutouts, embroidery, trendy geometric and floral patterns. Such a skirt should be airy and light, so chiffon is the most popular fabric for such an apparel.

If you want to create a daring image, combine the transparent skirt with a leather jacket, sweaters, coarse boots. Such an outfit is ideal for brave fashionistas who want to rebel and demonstrate the society their nature.

For calm fashionistas, such skirts can be combined with sneakers or shoes, elegant blouses or sweaters in combination with some accessories. Such outfits will look stylish, elegant, and feminine at the same time despite such a daring transparent clothing item.

Transparent skirts


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