Despite an unusual and exotic appearance, the trousers-culottes have been popular for 3-4 years. The fashionistas all over the world do not lose such attire and perfectly create outfits with such clothing item. To look stylish, women should take into account tree rules:

  • the trousers-culottes look fashionable if they match the colors of the shoes. In such cases, the legs visually look longer.
  • they are put on only with heeled shoes. Otherwise, the trousers will shorten your legs.
  • the ankles look smoother due to flared trousers.

It is advisable to put on blouses with the frill, a wide belt with buckle to look fashionable and daring. Other outfits with monotonous shirts are possible.

These trousers are perfect for the girls and young women who have a thin waist, long legs, and wide hips.

Speaking about hair, it is better to make a ponytail or other hairstyle that gathers hair together. Lose hair is not the best option.



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