Turtleneck is an excellent clothing item suitable for any wardrobe. It can be used as a basis for creating a lot of interesting outfits, because, due to its simple cut and monochromatic coloring, it is almost a multipurpose top.

Like much other attire, the turtleneck came to women’s fashion from the men’s wardrobe. Initially, it was worn by divers under their suits that were coarse, metallic, and unpleasant to the body. Therefore, a soft jacket, protecting the diver from cold and discomfort, was an essential element of the outfit and served as a kind of underwear.
The turtleneck looks like a thin tight-fitting sweater. A fitted silhouette and an elongated collar are two distinctive features of the turtleneck in comparison with other apparel.

Classic turtlenecks are made from synthetics, what makes them so tight-fitting. Most models are monotonous and devoid of decor. You can freely add jewelry and accessories.

The turtleneck can be combined with the skirts, trousers\jeans, leather jackets, etc.



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