The uggs have settled in the women’s wardrobe a few years ago and are not going to lose their place on the pedestal. The uggs are a convenient option for everyday wearing. The only and basic recommendation is a free style of clothes.
Despite such a vast choice of possible outfits and combination of apparel, many girls and women are still afraid to look ridiculous in these shoes. And the fact is that the length of the boots can visually shorten the legs. For a similar problem, stylists advise combining ugg boots with the tights of the same tone. So, black uggs are organic with dense black tights and so on. Another way to look elegant and trendy in uggs is to focus on the waist with a belt on a dress or a skirt.
Jeans and fur vest in combination with the ugg boots are a trendy option for this year.
As for fabrics, it is preferable to choose rough ones in combination with the uggs. So, knitted attire, massive scarves will look much more appropriate than air ruffles and chiffon shawls.



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