Wedding dresses-transformers

Wedding dresses-transformers are very interesting models, which can be transformed in “one hand movement”, for example, to remove a magnificent skirt and stay in a simple short dress. The photos of the models-transformers make sure that no one will see the difference from the usual dresses since all fasteners are securely hidden.
Frequently, there is a straight short wedding dress-transformer, to which a lavish skirt is fastened with the help of the fasteners or a belt.
The ability to transform your wedding attire allows realizing the dream of many brides and showing off in a dress with a train. Such attire looks royal and gorgeous but it will be very uncomfortable to wear it for the whole day. And with such dresses-transformers, the brides can realize their dreams, make beautiful photos, and unfasten the train after the wedding ceremony.

It is more complicated to choose proper accessories to a dress-transformer. It is important that the jewelry, veils, and shoes fit all the variations of the dress. Therefore, it is best to give preference to the classics. Classic shoes will look elegant either with a long, or a short dress.

Wedding dresses-transformers


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