Wedding dresses with the train

The lineup of the wedding dresses with the train is rather diverse. The train can be added to any models of the dresses: “princess” attire, “mermaid” garment, Empire apparel, and others. The trains themselves can be of different types as well as the ways they are attached to the dress. Thus, the train is mostly a removable element; it can look like a mantle, fastened to the wastline, the belt or the skirts of the attire.

If you want to choose the dress with the train for the ceremony, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of your figure. Any dress perfectly fits the slender and tall brides. The mermaind dress is an excellent choice for girls with a proportional hourglass body, as the upper part of the dress tightly fits the body, emphasizing the seductive curves. If the bride is a bit plump, but her figure has the correct proportions, she will look great in the “mermaid” model.

When choosing accessories for the wedding dress with the train, it is recommended to follow the principle of minimalism, since the main “highlight” of the dress is the train itself.

Wedding dresses with the train


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