Women cardigan

The cardigan – is a knitted sweatshirt with a deep neckline and without a collar. It is an indispensable clothing item in the wardrobe of every stylish girl. Its simple cut, unusual, versatile design and comfortable style will attract any fashionista. The difference between a cardigan and a regular sweater is an unusual cut and its length.
The model without buttons is the most popular among women. Such a cardigan can be sewn from any fabric; its cut is based on a circle or a square silhouettes. This model is often called “near the classics”. The cardigan without buttons is suitable for either slender or full women. If you want to emphasize a thin waist, you can add a belt over the cardigan. The cardigan without buttons is a formless warm cloak with sleeves that, if desired, can hide the problem zone of the waist. The length of such a model may be different, but, it is worth noting that low-growth girls should not wear a long cardigan, while long-legged fashionistas are advised to pay attention to the elongated and unusual models of cardigans.

Women cardigan


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