Women fur vests

The fur vests are the mod of this year. Such a clothing item is represented by the models of different length and cuts. The fur vests are suitable for all women although they should pay attention to the details while choosing the appropriate one. Tall slender girls can choose the vest of any cut, and length. The stylists recommend small girls or pump women prefer long and elongated models.

Such a vest can be worn either in autumn\spring or winter. The fur vests are well-combined with different apparel that is why fashionistas are keen on this attire. It can be worn together with the leather jackets or sweaters, jeans or trousers, skirts. Different types of boots with or without heels are suitable for these vests. Speaking of accessories, it is possible to choose sunglasses, gloves, a big bag.

Women look rather daring and trendy in such fur vests. This apparel is quite multipurpose because depending on other clothes you can create different outfits.

Women fur vests


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