Women sheath dress

A sheath dress is like a long turtleneck that tightly fits the figure. Its texture resembles an elastic band, which helps to create the most tight-fitting effect.
This dress is both simple and elegant. Not many items of women’s wardrobe are characterized by such features. It is easy to combine such a dress with other clothes; the dress is suitable either for office workdays or for festive events.
Sheath dresses favorably emphasize the figure, tightening the shape. The main accents are made on the chest, waist and hips. Putting on such a dress, you can demonstrate the so-called “hourglass” silhouette. The peculiarity of this dress is that it does not suit everyone. For example, such dresses are not advisable for women who have extra pounds. But the girls with a slim figure will look even slender wearing the sheath dress. It visually makes a figure refined and underlines your silhouette.

It is possible to put in on for work or study, a date or a walk. The main thing is to choose a full outfit and correctly combine clothes. Wear such a dress with a jacket to create a business image. For informal events, put on a knitted cardigan.

In cold weather, it can be worn with a coat, a leather jacket, a trench coat or a fur vest.
Do not forget about accessories that will complete the image and make your style original. A long necklace or beads make a perfect match with such a dress. The sheath dress looks gorgeous with a broad-brim. This way you will create an original autumn outfit.
High heels, wedged-shoes, as well as sneakers are well-combined with such dresses. For winter, ankles boots and boots will be ideal.

Women sheath dress


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