Women trousers with strips

Trousers with stripes are the mod of the current years, which should be in the wardrobe of each girl who wants to be in a trend.
These pants have undergone some changes this season. Now the vertical strips are located not only on the outside of the clothing item but also on the inside. Also, the models differ in color, width, and height of the strips, what plays a significant role in the creation of unique attire.
At first glance, it is necessary to combine such clothes that have come to us from the sport exclusively with sports shoes, but the designers suggested putting high heels under the pants with stripes.
Undoubtedly, sneakers – are the shoes that should be combined with such trousers. For the urban and casual styles, they are simply irreplaceable. In this case, the combination of trousers with white sneakers looks the most fashionable and balances a complex outfit.
Strips differ not only in the variety of styles but also in color solutions that can be the most extravagant and unexpected.

Women trousers with strips


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